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Twin Flame

I remember about 15 years ago, after a breakup and feeling so very lost, I thought to myself; “who am I and what do I need? what is next for me?”

I knew I wanted to meet someone, but I knew I didn’t want to settle like I had before, I wanted true love! Someone who (if you watched friends, you’ll understand this) would be my lobster. I didn’t just want it, I needed someone to make me feel seen. Now obviously I know that only I can make myself feel validated but as someone who was lost and overwhelmed by the loneliness of being a single mum and doing it all alone, this is what I would pray for, I would ask the universe for.

I knew what I wanted, someone creative like I am, a musician maybe?

I was obsessed with a show called Sons of Anarchy and I would say to my friends, “I want a man, with a beard, tattoos, blue eyes, a kind soul, who would make me laugh and just love me for who I am unconditionally.”

I stayed with this vision for 6 years, I didn’t want to settle, I just felt it in my gut that it was coming for me and one day, I felt the need to take the bull by the horns and start dating and there he was.

The first day I went online to meet someone, I met a man called James. I knew from our first call that he was it; I just knew it and by our first date we were chatting like we had known each other for years! A pure connection that is just so hard to describe but it just felt right, like the universe delivering him to me with a bow on his head, ‘here you go Tammy, you’ve waited long enough.’

After many years and I can honestly say, that everyday I am so grateful for our love, it has never wavered, and I feel so grateful to have met someone like James to spend my life with, everyday is a joy. Now, I’m not saying we have the perfect relationship, we have disagreements like everyone else but what makes this relationship different to any other relationship I have ever had, is that we want to work on ourselves, we want to go through this crazy journey of life together and experience it together because we value each other. I am forever thankful for James, for the love we share, and I really believe he is my twin flame, I have never felt more of a connection with another human being on this planet than with James, like our souls are connected.

So, what is a Twin Flame I hear you ask?

Like I said, I felt like our souls are connected and that is pretty much what a twin flame is, it’s an intense soul connection with someone thought to be a person’s other half, sometimes people would call it a “mirrored soul”, this is based on the idea that sometimes one soul can get split into two bodies.

Twin souls seem to mirror one another, they will have shared similar life paths, history and even sometimes trauma, they are two halves of the same soul and are a great source of reflection and growth. They are truly your other half.

How do I know if I’ve met my Twin Flame?

I just want to start by saying that whether your potential partner is your twin flame or not, twin flame bonds only represent one idea of a happy relationship – you are free to choose what a successful relationship looks like for you.

I also want to add that twin flame relationships can also be highly challenging as they shine a light on your insecurities and your deepest fears, this is to help with your spiritual growth so you can face them and sometimes this can be an extremely difficult task to go through.

Twin flame encounters present a mirror, all the things you really don’t want to deal with, the doubts you may have, how you see yourself will all come up, through their presence. It really can be challenging to go through.

Twin flames don’t have to be a romantic connection, it can also be a platonic relationship, a good friend or even a mentor.

So, how do you know if you have met your twin flame? What I noticed when I met James was an immediate sense of recognition and an incredible intense attraction, it was like everything came together, everything finally made sense.

When you meet your twin flame you have a sense of synchronicity and as this relationship unfolds you will find that you both have a shared moral compass and a lot of matching interests. You will also notice lots of “coincidences” and similar past experiences.

When you meet you twin flame, you will notice that both your emotions are expanded, everything you feel, which could be both good and bad, will be a lot stronger and sometimes feel a little overwhelming. So just as your emotions are amplified, so are your insecurities, your fears and your doubts because your twin flame is your mirror and their purpose is to show you what you’re holding back so that you can flourish, grow and come out stronger on the other side.

From the moment you meet your twin flame, you will feel inexplicably drawn to them, to each other. The feeling will never fade either, it’s this constant, sometimes overwhelming pull, and even though this can be a sexual feeling., it’s more often a strong desire to be with them, in their presence.

They Inspire you to be a better person.

Even though being with your twin flame can bring out your insecurities and fears, the purpose of your twin flame is to awaken your untapped potential, to ignite a fire deep inside of you. A relationship with your twin flame will push you to want to do better, it will open up a magnitude of possibilities. It will demand spiritual growth from you, without growth, it will be impossible to push past your fears and everything else that is holding you back.

Twin flame love is incredibly powerful, it is something that is especially hard to explain, but you will know, you will feel it and it will serve a distinct purpose to you and your life. It will elevate you, make you a better person and push you to the extreme and help to achieve greater personal and spiritual growth.

Not everyone has a Twin Flame.

Not everyone will have a twin flame, twin flames are rare as they require a split in the soul to be created. Those who don’t have a twin flame have yet to experience this fracture.

Twin flames are meant to reunite with one another, but unfortunately that doesn't mean they always do. Sometimes twin flames don’t recognise each other immediately, if one or both halves have not achieved the necessary level of growth individually, the meeting could be stalled indefinitely. So, I guess the lesson here is to work on you.

Do you have a twin flame? Have you met someone who you felt was your twin flame? We would love to hear from you and to hear your story on how you met and what you went through, you can contact us on here or our Instagram @Thespiritualmamas.

Love & Light

The Spiritual Mamas

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