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The Worm Moon

Welcome Back! To our Moon-Lunar series! We are back in March of 2023 with the Full Moon in Virgo, also known as the Worm Moon! We also have some great zodiac insights from celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas! Full Moons are always a fantastic opportunity to realign ourselves, take a big cosmic sigh, release all that has not been serving us and get ready for a fresh start! So, lets get connected, and find out what this Full Moon is all about!

Who is ready for March? I know I am, Spring is on its waaaaaay! Spotting daffodils everywhere and all the beautiful colours of spring, the sun has been shining and the days are getting brighter and for longer, hello daylight hours, we have missed you! And it is only going to get better!

The Full Worm Moon falls on 6th March but reaches its peak on 7th March.

Worm Moon – According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, & full Moon in March is called the Worm Moon because earthworms were said to appear at this time of year due to the ground beginning to thaw after winter.”

This moon is also in the zodiac, Virgo!

Astrologer Kyle Thomas, says, This year, the Worm Moon is positioned as a full moon in Virgo, a fitting Earth sign to help herald in the signs of spring. Virgo is the zodiac sign of productivity, rules, employment and one's physical health.

This grounded and efficient zodiac sign may help you kickstart any spring cleaning, positive changes around your health and progress in scheduling big plans!”

What Does the Worm Moon Mean For Zodiac Signs?

Thomas gives guidance on what this Worm Moon means for us.

Capricorn: The Worm Moon brings a whole new world that feels brighter and more exciting. You're ready for a new journey, Capricorn, but be sure to double-check the details and read the fine print. You can trip and fall when you sprint ahead with your eyes closed.

Aquarius: This full moon brings time to get things straightened out, Aquarius. It appears you and someone else are not on the same page. Move forward decisively, but remember to have compassion in your heart -- people will listen to you.

Pisces: Relationships, either in business or in love, will be at the top of mind this full moon, Pisces. It's time to take the next step, just be sure to avoid any emotional tantrums. Good things may come to an end to make way for the better.

Aries: Wake up, Aries: More responsibilities and work-related projects are headed your way during this full moon. Look for an important turning point in regards to professional life, like finishing a big project or starting a new job.

Taurus: Romance, passion and laughter are all in store for you this Worm Moon, Taurus, perhaps even a soulmate. Line up a few hot dates, spend time with your best friend and tell your people you love them.

Gemini: Now is not the time to be ambitious in your professional life, Gemini. Remember to put just as much care and effort into your family and domestic life as you do your job -- someone close to you may need it.

Cancer: Seeds of some big ideas you planted may be beginning to sprout during this time. Don't let unexpected drama disrupt the progress you've made and use change as a chance for authentic connection.

Leo: Woah, hit the brakes big spender. Leo, it's time to assess where your money is going and if you can afford to put it where your mouth is. At its best, however, the Worm Moon may also bring a surprise raise, new job or added side hustle.

Virgo: It's time to step into your power and show the world your true self, Virgo. Speak up and use well-practiced communication during the Worm Moon to speak your truth and express your innermost desires and plans.

Libra: Let's be real, Libra, you need a nap. You may be burnt out from the endless personal and professional demands sucking up your energy. Take some time to step back, cool off and breathe, now is not the time to push it.

Scorpio: Its a party and you're celebrating, dear Scorpio! Exciting events, parties and meet-ups are especially powerful during this full moon. Just be sure to stay away from gossip, there's no reason to be dramatic.

Sagittarius: Victory does not have to come at the expense of others, specifically those in your domestic life, Sagittarius. When revelling in career success and new opportunities, don't forget to make sure you're truly winning in all aspects of life, not just your career.

We recommend for all zodiacs that you use this time to complete your rituals, cleanse your energy, journal, and focus on what you want to attract and manifest into your life.

What do Full Moon Rituals look like?

**Check out June’s Strawberry Moon Blog for a breakdown of our rituals or check out Instagram page!

So then lets move into a combination of Journal Prompts that will help you generate how you’re feeling and take you on that journey for whatever you want to achieve this month. Feel free to add some of your own but these will help guide you. Write as much or as little as you feel you need to.

Journal Prompts

1. From my reflections, what has changed for me in past few weeks?

2. Check In – how am I feeling going into this new Full Moon?

3. What positive change would I like to bring into my life?

4. What areas do I ask the universe for guidance?

5. How can I support my journey over the next few weeks?

Intention Setting/Manifesting

1. What dream/goal am I working towards right now?

2. What would it feel like to achieve this goal/dream?

3. What would this mean for my life?

4. What action can I take this month to support making this come true?

Cord Cutting/Releasing

1. What energy or behaviours are holding me back?

2. What do I need to release or let go of? i.e. relationships, thought patterns

3. How can I support letting go of this energy?

Affirmation – Say this out loud and feel the words, the energy as you say them.

I surrender to the power of the universe and trust that I am always being listened to and I am always being guided. I know that I have the power within me to manifest my wildest dreams and that I AM capable of attracting and bringing this into existence. What is meant for me is already here. I am brave, courageous, confident and strong. I am in full alignment with

my purpose and with the universe. I am patient.


Spend some time laying or sitting with your eyes closed and in your mind visualise what you are wanting to attract and allow your brain to visualise the reality that you are going to live, feeling the emotions that you will have living this dream, every detail, as much as you can, transport yourself away in your minds eye for 5-10 minutes and allow yourself to revel in

your upcoming reality.

So in summary, as humans we are connected to the moon just as we are connected to nature and a great way to feel connected to yourself, is to align with the lunar cycles and use it as an opportunity to release what is no longer serving you.

But also to reflect no what you are grateful for and manifest what you want to bring into your life. Each month we will bring you new information on the Moon for that month, new ideas and suggestions for your rituals including adding in crystals, charging them and how-to’s for Moon Water, smudging sticks etc.

Follow us on Instagram and we would love you to share your rituals with us!

Love & Light

@thespiritualmamas x

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