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The Pink Moon 2023

Welcome Back! For our next Full Moon of the 2023 series! Last month in March we had the Worm Moon in Virgo! Now its time for one of my favourites! Even though as we know, the moon doesn’t actually go Pink! But its our glorious Pink Moon in April! April is such a stunning month in itself, Spring is in full bloom, the clocks have changed and we are on the verge of summer, its outdoor picnic weather, we are making more plans and moving towards some of those summer goals!

So it is time for April’s Pink Moon! Are you ready? Bring on 6 th April 2023 with the Full Moon at peak at 5.34am GMT!

Pink Moon – April’s full Moon often corresponded with the early springtime blooms of a certain wildflower native to eastern North America: Phlox subulata—commonly called creeping phlox or moss phlox—which also went by the name “moss pink.”

This moon is also in the zodiac, Libra! This zodiac represents balance, and therefore, this moon is a great opportunity, as part of daily life or even as part of your ritual to look at what in your life may require adjustment to restore balance. This could be in relationships, in work, your career etc.

Full Moon – Lets Recap Facts!

  • A full Moon occurs when the Moon appears as a complete circle in the sky. We see it as a full orb because the whole of the side of the Moon facing the Earth is lit up by the Sun's rays.

  • The Moon produces no visible light of its own, so we can only see the parts of the Moon that are lit up by other objects. A small amount of light comes from distant stars and the reflection of light from the Earth (known as Earthshine). However the main source of light for the Moon is the Sun.

  • The Moon appears as different shapes in the sky depending on its 'phase', from new Moon to full Moon via 'waxing' (growing) and 'waning' (shrinking) moons. These phases are determined by the relative positions of the Sun, Earth and Moon.

  • If the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun in its orbit, then the back side of the Moon is lit up and the side facing the Earth is in darkness. This is called a New Moon. If the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth to the Sun, then the near side of the Moon will be fully lit up: a Full Moon.

  • A full Moon happens roughly every 29.5 days. This is the length of time it takes for the Moon to go through one whole lunar phase cycle.

What Does the Pink Moon Mean For Zodiac Signs?

Jane Allison – Astrologer gives guidance on what this Full Moon means for us.

Capricorn: "Likely, you're on the exact right track in order for you to achieve your goals. You might not be quite where you want to be, but take a moment to breathe in all the progress you've made, if you need to re-evaluate some strategies, then now is the time to do it. Otherwise, allow yourself to relax!

Aquarius: If you're an Aquarius, Allison recommends letting go of preconceived notions and focusing on growing your knowledge. "Make strides in learning something entirely new or allowing your consciousness to be expanded in some way.”

Pisces: For the fish of the zodiac, feelings might be strong during this moon cycle, but it is highly beneficial for you to allow yourself to feel all the feels, it might not make a lot of logical sense, but likely you need to purge something you've been hanging on to for far too long.

Aries: It's all about balance in relationships here, whether you're investing too little or too much time in work, romantic, or platonic relationships. "Aries need to establish some balance, and sometimes that means letting go of something that

doesn't serve the higher good for both parties.”

Taurus: This is the time to be honest with yourself. "This full moon focuses on the daily regimens and physical health. With this moon, you have the opportunity to get rid of bad habits and have the wherewithal to make a lasting change for the betterment of your life.”

Gemini: Geminis go all in on creative projects, "whether it be something artistic or aligned with your passion or pleasure".

Cancer: The pink moon is a great time for spring cleaning, and that's where Cancers should focus their efforts. "Whether it is buying something new for the home, hanging a new piece of art you've created, rearranging some furniture, or cleaning out a closet, don't be afraid to be a little bold if it's something that brings good energy into your spaces.”

Leo: For Leos, the pink moon is a prime opportunity to have open and honest conversations with friends, but also to have fun. "Take time to connect with your closest friends and arrange a social event, like a cocktail night or a spa day, it will be fun to catch up on what all your closest BFFs are up to".

Virgo: Practicality is the name of the game this month. "Focusing on financial matters is extremely beneficial. Balancing the books, settling any open-ended bills or debts, and selling off profitable assets (or buying in!) are all excellent activities, but don't forget a little self-love.”

Libra: "Honesty in regards to what you need emotionally, as well as physically, can be difficult, but now is the time to do it! Ask yourself if you are putting yourself in situations and relationships that nurture the best in you, it's time to consider whether you're surrounding yourself with the right people.”

Scorpio: Scorpios are associated with rebirth, and this is the time to re-evaluate some aspects of your life. "Surrender or sacrifice things in your life that simply are not working, either by working against you or simply costing you more than

you're getting out of [them]. Sometimes sacrificing something great makes way for something greater".

Sagittarius: Friendships are important this month. "Sometimes a night out with our soul tribe has a way of recharging our batteries and motivating us to be the best that we can be, celebrate these platonic relationships! If you are having issues with a friend, now is also a good time to hash it out and decide whether to continue the friendship or not".

We recommend for all zodiacs that you use this time to complete your rituals, cleanse your energy, journal, and focus on what you want to attract and manifest into your life.

What do Full Moon Rituals look like?

As we’ve said engaging in Full Moon rituals is a great way to connect with yourself, recharge, relax and is the perfect time to manifest, setting new intentions and also to let go of any negativity.

So, I’ll share what I do on a Full Moon Ritual

1. Turn off your phone and find a quiet space – this is your time to be with yourself, your thoughts and emotions. So give yourself a space of no distractions whether you’re inside or outside.

2. Cleanse your space – If I stay inside, I will tidy the room I am in and make sure it is a clean, minimal space. I will then light some incense or sage and cleanse my space around me.

3. Meditate/Deep Breathing – Whether its guided or silent, meditation allows you time to sit in quiet and reflect on your thoughts. Meditation and reflection can also bring up emotions and help you heal wounds or trauma and so deep breathing will support you in working through those feelings.

4. Gratitude – Give thanks and feel gratitude for what you have in your life, from the little things, the air you breath, to people in your life or milestones you have experienced.

5. Journal – Journaling is so key for me in a full moon ritual. I use this time an opportunity to start again, just as the moon does. I will set intentions for the month and then also on a separate list, write down what I want to let go of, energy, relationships, thoughts etc. (make sure you dispose of the negative list afterwards, whether you burn it or flush it down the loo, get it out of your life!)

6. Lift your vibrations – These rituals are to let go of all that does not serve you and bring in the positive intentions, manifestations and vibrations – so do something that really lifts your mood afterwards – DANCE! Play some great music and move your body post meditation to get those good vibrations going!

7. Take a bath – Baths are so cleansing and it is not uncommon to infuse your bath with everything from flowers, to essential oils and salts. Even crystals. @girlandthemoon – is my go to for any full moon ritual baths! But use this time to feel as though you are washing away all that isn’t mean for you anymore and put it down the plug.

8. Lastly, Relax – After you’ve cleansed, meditated, breathed, journaled, manifested and let go of all of the negative. A ritual can take its toll as you work through all of that emotional energy. So give yourself time to relax, rituals look different for everyone depending on the time of your life, what you want to gain from them etc. so for me my rituals are always around 8pm once my son is in bed and so, I tend to want to go straight to sleep after

all of the emotional output. Feeling grateful and looking forward to this new cycle, I will sleep. But relaxing looks different for everyone, I may do a ritual on a weekend and afterwards, jump in the bath. Ultimately do what works for you.

So in summary, as humans we are connected to the moon just as we are connected to nature and a great way to feel connected to yourself, is to align with the lunar cycles and use it as an opportunity to release what is no longer serving you.

But also to reflect no what you are grateful for and manifest what you want to bring into your life. Each month we will bring you new information on the Moon for that month, new ideas and suggestions for your rituals including adding in crystals, charging them and how-to’s for Moon Water, smudging sticks etc.

Follow us on Instagram and we would love you to share your rituals with us!

Love & Light

The Spiritual Mamas x

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