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The Harvest Moon

Welcome Back! For our sixth edit of the Moon-Lunar series! Last month in August we had the Sturgeon Moon and I depending on where you are based in the world, the moon had the most awesome red hue to it! It definitely looked bigger than ever! Full Moons are such a glorious time of realignment and connection to ourselves, higher selves, souls and universe! This time of the cycle really supports is in learning about ourselves, how we are feeling and work through those emotions. Who is ready for September? I know I am, the full Harvest Moon marks the end of Summer and embraces the final of the Virgo days and moves into Pisces. falls on my wedding day this year! 10 th September and we are SO excited. Woo! This full moon will be at its peak during the morning hours on September 10 th . So it is time for Septembers Harvest Moon! Are you ready? Bring on September 10 th 2022! Harvest Moon – According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the Full Moon names come from a number of places, including Native American, Colonial American, and European sources. Traditionally, each full Moon name was applied to the entire lunar month in which it occurred and through all of the Moon’s phases—not only the full Moon. The Harvest Moon, however, is a bit different! The full Moon that happens nearest to the fall equinox (September 22 or 23) always takes on the name “Harvest Moon.” Unlike other full Moons, this full Moon rises at nearly the same time—around sunset—for several evenings in a row, giving farmers several extra evenings of moonlight and allowing them to finish their harvests before the frosts of fall arrive. However, even though September’s full Moon is most commonly known as the Harvest Moon, if the October Full Moon occurs closer to the equinox than September’s, it takes on the name “Harvest Moon” instead. In this case, September’s full Moon is referred to as the Corn Moon. This moon is also in the zodiac, Pisces! Astrologer Anya says that September’s harvest moon will have the signs feeling a little uneasy, but it does offer an opportunity for a fresh start. “This particular moon’s closeness to the autumnal equinox means that it is symbolic of new beginnings and a door to spiritual awareness,” Anya says. “On the other hand, with the Piscine energy of this full moon, you may experience a bit of a feeling of insecurity and a feeling like you’re being too perceptive.” In order to prepare yourself for these particular feelings that come from a Pisces sign, it’s best to try and relax. “During the harvest moon, it’s best to slow down, wait and see what happens in your life,” Anya said. “Enjoy the beautiful September sunsets, look back at your achievements, and take a deep breath…the tricky bit is nearly over!” What Does the Buck Moon Mean For Zodiac Signs? Amanda gives guidance on what this Buck Moon means for us.

Capricorn: Capricorns might have been killing it professionally, but it’s time to switch gears. “You’re always one to give 100 percent to your career, but during this harvest moon you’re going to find that your personal life could use more attention and affection,” Anya explains. “Cancel your extra work appointments and clear your schedule. It’s time to spend a bit more time with the people most important to you.”

Aquarius: It’s OK for an Aquarius to be picky during this harvest moon. “Before you commit to social commitments, make sure that you actually want to spend that time with them,” Anya advises. “You may find that creating boundaries helps you maintain a better balance in these relationships.”

Pisces: Pisces should be prepared to deal with feelings of longing and companionship. “Now, more than ever, you are craving intimacy from your loved ones, particularly from your significant other if you have one,” Anya says. “With the moon in Pisces, the harvest moon is the perfect time to level up intimate relationships and deepen your commitment to the people around you.”

Aries: It’s time for Aries to face what they’ve been hiding. “A secret matter may come to light, revealing some of those skeletons in your closet,” Anya says. “The good news is that you won’t be, or shouldn’t be, afraid to discuss it with others.”

Taurus: You may be putting your own needs last, but that will pay off when you help others during this full moon. “Time to face the facts!” Anya says. “Under the harvest moon, you will begin to give more and put yourself second. You’ll be amazed how you can help others heal.”

Gemini: Geminis might feel uncomfortable as they’re forced to take initiative during the harvest moon. “You’re a team player, but now you are being forced to take the lead,” Anya says. “This means you need to step up your game. For the first time in a while, you’re going to find yourself being pushed to be in charge.”

Cancer: It’s crucial for Cancers to find time for their long-awaited need for friends, as well as solitude. “To put it simply, you need to have some fun,” Anya explains. “All work and no play has left you energetically drained. The late hours that you put into work are catching up with you, leaving you craving extra time for yourself and for socialising. Find the time to let your hair down.”

Leo: It’s OK for Leos to not only make boundaries, but enforce them. “You do not have to feel bad for setting boundaries with others,” Anya says. “People who drain you of energy can stop you from progressing to the next level, so it’s important that you cut out those who’re negatively impacting your life. It sounds brutal, but it’s for your own good.”

Virgo: Virgos will be seeing their family and friends more often during the harvest moon. “Recently, and rightfully so, it’s all been about you,” Anya says. “Now, you are willing and wanting to give more energy to others. It’s time to get together with your loved ones and show them what they mean to you.”

Libra: Libras, it’s time to stop selling yourselves short. “People may not always recognise it, but your hard-working nature will start demanding more respect,” Anya advises. “You’ve been working on some big projects and you deserve more than you will be getting back. Time to make sure you get back as much as you put in.”

Scorpio: It’s time for the Scorpio signs to get their creative juices flowing during the harvest moon. “Creativity is in the air, Scorpio,” Anya explains. “This full moon is a perfect time to start breaking free from the roadblocks and constraints that have been holding you back. Your artistry and edge are going to help.”

Sagittarius: It’s time to go for it, Sagittarius. “You’re not one to stand idle and watch life pass you by, but around this moon you’re going to realise that you have been less proactive lately,” Anya says. “It’s time for you to take back control of situations and to start making moves.” We recommend for all zodiacs that you use this time to complete your rituals, cleanse your energy, journal, and focus on what you want to attract and manifest into your life.

What do Full Moon Rituals look like? **Check out June’s Strawberry Moon Blog for a breakdown of our rituals or check out Instagram page! So then lets move into a combination of Journal Prompts that will help you generate how you’re feeling and take you on that journey for whatever you want to achieve this month. Feel free to add some of your own but these will help guide you. Write as much or as little as you feel you need to.

Journal Prompts

  1. From my reflections, what has changed for me in past few weeks?

  2. Check In – how am I feeling going into this new Full Moon?

  3. What positive change would I like to bring into my life?

  4. What areas do I ask the universe for guidance?

  5. How can I support my journey over the next few weeks? Intention Setting/Manifesting

  6. What dream/goal am I working towards right now?

  7. What would it feel like to achieve this goal/dream?

  8. What would this mean for my life?

  9. What action can I take this month to support making this come true? Cord Cutting/Releasing

  10. What energy or behaviours are holding me back?

  11. What do I need to release or let go of? i.e. relationships, thought patterns

  12. How can I support letting go of this energy? Affirmation – Say this out loud and feel the words, the energy as you say them. I surrender to the power of the universe and trust that I am always being listened to and am always being guided. I know that I have the power within me to manifest my wildest dreams and that I AM capable of attracting and bringing this into existence. What is meant for me is already here. I am brave, courageous, confident and strong. I am in full alignment with my purpose and with the universe. I am patient.

Visualisation Spend some time laying or sitting with your eyes clothes and in your mind visualise what you are wanting to attract and allow your brain to visualise the reality that you are going to live, feeling the emotions that you will have living this dream, every detail, as much as you can, transport yourself away in your minds eye for 5-10 minutes and allow yourself to revel in your upcoming reality.

So in summary, as humans we are connected to the moon just as we are connected to nature and a great way to feel connected to yourself, is to align with the lunar cycles and use it as an opportunity to release what is no longer serving you. But also to reflect no what you are grateful for and manifest what you want to bring into your life. Each month we will bring you new information on the Moon for that month, new ideas and suggestions for your rituals including adding in crystals, charging them and how-to’s for Moon Water, smudging sticks etc. Follow us on Instagram and we would love you to share your rituals with us!

The Spiritual Mama x


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