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The Flower Moon

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For our next Full Moon of the 2023 series! Last month in April we had the Pink Moon in Libra! Now its time for the gorgeous Flower Moon in May! May is another step in the summer direction, the days are brighter, lighter and plans are in full swing! We are stepping into our sociable selves, getting back into nature, going for longer walks and spending more time outside with the sun out for longer! Its also fair to say the serotonin that is being produced from being outside and soaking up that Vitamin D is a sure way to make you feel brighter too.

So it is time for May’s Flower Moon! Are you ready? Bring on 5th May 2023 with the Full Moon at peak at 6.34pm GMT!

Flower Moon – May’s Full Moon was named more after the month of May than necessarily the Full Moon itself; as across May we see flowers bloom and blossom in abundance.

This moon is also in the zodiac, Scorpio! The eighth sign of the Zodiac, it's reserved for those born between October 23–November 21. There's nothing reserved about Scorpios, though. This sign is about passion, excitement, and living life to the fullest … but with a mission. Represented by a stinging scorpion, this is one fierce sign.

What Does the Flower Moon Mean For Zodiac Signs?

While all full moons are stunning — and tend to be a powerful time in astrology — the one filling up the night sky on Friday, May 5 happens to be extra unique, and it’s going to affect each zodiac sign differently.

This full moon will be in Scorpio, and it’s also an eclipse, says Jill Loftis, a professional astrologer. It’ll stand across the sky from the sun, which, astrologically speaking, will connect both Mercury and Uranus. “A full moon in Scorpio would already bring upheaval, add in the eclipse and the presence of Uranus, however, and it could bring sudden changes in

your life, like pivots, reversals, and endings.

Jill Loftis – Astrologer gives guidance on what this Full Moon means for us.

Capricorn: This full moon will help you let go of old dreams that you’ve outgrown. As a result, “a bucket list edit will become apparent, so get ready to cross things off that no longer feel right. It’s OK to give up on a plan or add something totally new. You might also realize that a certain friendship or an identification with a particular group feels like it’s coming to an end — and it’s OK to drop that, too.

Aquarius: Your full moon experience will focus on big-picture career aspirations, Aquarius, as well as issues with authority figures — such as your boss who’s always poking their head into your office or your manager who’s always giving you a hard time. “Keep your head down and practice your well-known ability to detach, this is all guiding you towards your soul

purpose — so don’t let it get you down.”

Pisces: During this full moon, you’ll finally let go of the idea that you don’t have enough skills in a certain area to complete a goal. Once life settles next week, pursue the dream with full confidence. That said, you might realize that a fav teacher or role model isn’t who you thought they were. It’s fine to let go of your connection with them and move on to new


Aries: This full moon will happen in Aries’ eighth house of shared resources, which means some of your financial collabs or relationships will feel tumultuous — and some might even come to an end. To get a hint ahead of time, pay attention to your dreams throughout the week. “There’s lots of spiritual potential here, so watch your dreams for clues,” Loftis says.

Remember, this isn’t a time to act or make changes, but to sit back and observe what’s going on.

Taurus: May’s full moon occurs in your relationship house, and that could mean that a long-term partnership is coming to an end. Have you and your partner been on the rocks? Then this might be your moment to get out and move on. That said, it’s also possible that your relationship will simply shift. You’ve been doing a lot of internal work to change how you see

yourself, — let your partner or family know so they can keep up.

Gemini: This full moon will happen in your sixth house (the house of daily life and health), so don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel the urge to update your self-care routine. This is especially true if you haven’t been feeling 100%, possibly because you’re burnt out at work. This full moon will set in motion a whole new wellness routine, like a new workout regimen or Sunday reset schedule. Whatever might make you feel more rested and organized, you’ll be all about it.

Cancer: Since this full moon occurs in your fifth house of creativity and joy, it’s possible you’ll feel a shift in the way you approach artsy hobbies or side projects. You’ll feel the urge to rethink something in this area — or you’ll change how you feel about it altogether. If your photography business isn’t working out right now, for instance, go ahead and hit pause.

Leo: Leos will have strong feelings about stability during May’s full moon. You might realize that your home environment needs to change in some way, or you might be inspired to do a big spring clean — or move to an entirely new city. How you relate to your family could also turn upside down, so don’t be shocked if you have a text argument with your mom.

Virgo: Virgos won’t be able to escape difficult conversations during this full moon. It’ll seem like every time you look at your phone, there’s a text from a sibling, neighbour, or co-worker — and they’ll all have something annoying to say. There will be a lot of people demanding a resolution to ongoing problems. To cope, she recommends staying as grounded and

relaxed as possible.

Libra: This full moon is all about money, so something you’ve devoted a lot of time and resources to could come to an end. It might also bring up some self-esteem issues, so try to keep an “abundance mindset” no matter how dire it seems. Just remember: While you may have to let something go during the full moon, it’ll leave room for something new to take its


Scorpio: As a Scorpio, you’ll see yourself in a new light after this week’s full moon/eclipse combo. It’s the last one in a series of eclipses that have occurred over the past couple of years — and they’ve all left you feeling stronger, lighter, and ready for good things. You’re going to feel extra powerful, so get ready to lean into that energy.

Sagittarius: The eclipse during May’s full moon could bring a lot of hurtful memories to the forefront of your mind, Sagittarius, so use this time to tap into all the nifty tricks you’ve learned in therapy as a way to cope. Imagine all the self-defeating patterns you’ve developed over the years, and start thinking of ways to let them go.

While some astrological happenings, like regular full moons, are the perfect time for rituals, it isn’t recommended to set intentions or start new goals during an eclipse. “Eclipses are about being change-adept and choosing appropriate reactions to what occurs,” Loftis explains. “It sets off a huge amount of energy, so stay agile and don’t over-schedule your day or the

weekend that follows, as sometimes eclipses hit late.” Instead of trying to control the change that comes about, this full moon is all about going with the flow. Another pro tip: Don’t make radical decisions, says Loftis, as you probably won’t have all the info you need to see things clearly. “This week, you will also be rocked by Pluto stationing retrograde on Monday, May 1,” she says. “It will feel like a wave of heavy energy — do all the things that help you to stay grounded, prepared, and calm.”

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Follow us on Instagram and we would love you to share your Full Moon experiences with us!

Love & Light

The Spiritual Mamas

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