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Surrendering to the universe

Surrendering to the universe…What does this mean? We hear this term a lot but I don’t think it truly sunk in, the power of this term and the impact it has on your life when you do put it into place within your life.

For me, this is also one of the biggest contributors to manifestation, but can also be the biggest space that is misunderstood amongst many of the other factors that support manifesting in your life. At the beginning of every year I create a vision board, one half is filled with things I already have in my life, photos of memories, tickets, trips etc. my gratitude side. The other side are things I want to bring into my life, goals, items etc. So for

context, this year I put the school logo of the first place option we picked for my son, I put the new family car I wanted to upgrade to as mine is fourteen years old this year, I also had a few others on there that I had been desperately trying to attract into my life for a long time.

I am extremely big on positive mindset, use of affirmations, gratitude, visualisation and all of the things to put myself on the correct energetic level. But what I hadn’t realised, was that I had put SO much focus on one thing, because I wanted it so badly, that I had moved from a place of love, trust, and faith. A place of knowing, it would come to be in its right time, to

a place of need, desperation, impatience and frustration.

I didn’t even realise it, until someone said to me “don’t you think you’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself?” I was shocked. This statement had come from a five minute whinge about the length of time this attraction was taking.

I had to stop. I stopped it all. I was suffocating the process and was energetically blocking the things coming to me because I was being impatient. I was basing who I was on whether I received these things. So from that day, I took a break from the solid focus I had placed on and learnt how to Surrender.

How do you go from desperation to trust?
How do you surrender?

Direct your attention. You have clearly already taken so many actions, steps to making this happen, you need to let go now, trust that you have done enough and let the universe work for you.

I had to distract myself, I had to focus on something else, to allow my brain the space to not think as intently. I also had to realise and accept that whether these things came to me or not, I was still enough.

I was not determined, measured, or identified by these things. They were a bonus, a nice to have. Not a need. When I did this, detached myself emotionally as much as I could, this isn’t easy and takes some time to go from 100 back down to around 10, but it had such an impact. It felt like a weight was lifted and all the pressure on me was gone. After all,

we cant control everything, some things we have to leave to divine power. And that is surrendering.

To surrender is to have trust in the universe.

To surrender is to have faith in the universe.

To surrender is to be confident that the universe will provide.

To surrender is to have patience in the process.

To surrender is to relinquish the pressure and the control.

The shifts in my mindset and my brain when I realised that this was what was happening, this was what I was doing, and I hadn’t seen it the entire time, was unbelievable. The shift was huge. What was bigger was how much more positive I felt, it was a though my frustration had come from a place of not knowing why it wasn’t working, and now my frustration was resolved, I had my answer and I knew what to do next. I was happier,

because I had trust and I could almost let go, without giving up.

Letting go, but not giving up is a scary balance, because these things we want to attract still mean a lot to us, but we have to put our faith in bigger hands than our own. You’re not giving up, you’re just letting the universe do the heavy lifting for a while. To give up is to accept that something isn’t coming to you, that’s not what we are doing here. We are still holding

the knowing in our hearts it is meant for us, just at the right time.

Within 6-8 weeks of surrendering, trusting, knowing – the universe delivered.

The universe knows when we are ready, some times it is just waiting for us to realise we aren’t managing our desires in the best way. And when we reach that mental, spiritual and emotional balance, we become ready to receive.

Surrendering is the key.

If you try to force or control, you will stifle your energy and become a blocker.

Trust, and know in your soul and your heart you are worthy of what you desire, ask for it, but do not obsess. Do not hold a timeline, or have expectations of the universe. Just have that knowing, it is on its way.

The sooner you can surrender, the sooner the universe can get to work for you.

All our love.

The Spiritual Mamas x

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