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Spirituality Week….whaaat. How have we not done this already I hear you ask? We are the Spiritual Mamas after all! You know what? Spirituality covers so many amazing areas that one would ask where do you even start? But we are going to give it a go and share some amazing topics, theories, laws and experiences for you and we cant wait to get started. So what is Spirituality? Spirituality is a broad concept with room for many perspectives. To summarise, spirituality is a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, a higher power, or presence that we trust and believe is supporting and guiding us. In addition, it is a universal human experience—something that we believe touches us all. People may describe a spiritual experience as sacred or transcendent or simply a deep sense of aliveness and interconnectedness. It can also usually incorporate and develop a search for self-discovery, personal purpose or meaning in life. Spirituality VS Religion Whilst these two topics have many overlapping layers including believing in a higher presence guiding us and is more rigid in its core values, morals and practises depending on which Religion you are a part of. For example, many religions are governed by the contents in religious artefacts such as a Bible, or Qaran, and are guided by what is true or correct in those books. In addition, many religious people believe that their actions on earth dictate their afterlife i.e. Heaven and Hell. Whereas spirituality is more fluid in terms of finding what feeds your soul, understanding your passions, connecting with mother nature, the earth and your roots are a human, a soul and healing yourself to become kinder, more grateful and live a more fulfilled and prosperous life. Some do this through creative acts, such a art, some through helping other people etc. So in summary, many elements overlap, but they are far from the same. How can I connect to my Spirituality? For me personally, I grew up in an Irish Catholic family and went to church for many years as a child until I was old enough to make my own choices. I always wanted to believe I was guided by a higher presence and felt as though I was always torn, I wanted to believe in God but could also argue my way out of it. It wasn’t till I became older and was introduced to The Universe and their laws, energy, vibrations and how that played a role in everything, all of us. That it became the answer I was looking for. So I would tell you to start there, educate yourself on

1. What the universe is

2. Universal Laws and Energy

3. Law of attraction (your thoughts create your reality).

I would recommend – The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein. This book changed my life and is a great book for beginners being introduced to the capabilities of the universe, energy and the gigantic role it plays in our lives. The universe and its energy is always there, whether we believe or tap into it, or not. So you may aswell check it out right?

The power of your stillness You can connect with the universe in many different ways, but one of the most common and effective ways to connect with the universe and with yourself, is through meditation. Now I will call it out straight away, many people find meditation HARD. & I will also be honest and say that we have been lead to believe that meditation means sitting still with an empty brain for 10 minutes. And so people wonder why they start thinking about what they’re going to have for dinner. This is completely normal! Your brain is a muscle and requires training – however, your thoughts are your power and you will learn to guide and channel them. Some of my biggest life questions, dilemmas and creative solutions have come to me in my meditations, via my thoughts being channelled. Check out our meditation blog for a range of tips and different meditation options to try to help you ease yourself into it

Asking the Universe for a sign Now, when my journey first began and my belief was increasing, I was excited, but of course I still had a tiny niggle that I may be getting carried away. So I asked the universe for a sign, this sign can be anything you choose. For example, I picked a fox. So one day after a 5 minute guided meditation, I thanked the universe and showed my gratitude for my journey, and asked it to send me a sign in the form of a fox, that my connection was real and I was on the right path.

Naturally, I then went looking for foxes. It wasn’t till a week or so later, I was reading my sons bedtime story and I saw a Fox in the book that I had never noticed before. Ever, and I mean we had read this book every night for months. After that, I saw them everywhere. This carried on, synchronicities were appearing in my life all over the place, some would call them weird, unexplained coincidences, but I knew this was the universe saying to me “you wanted signs, here are some more. You want to be sure, I’ll give you more reasons to be 100% sure”. So go ahead, ask for your sign. And be specific. The universe never leaves you as I said before, whether you choose to tap into the energy of the universe or connect, or whether you don’t, the universe and energy is around you always. You choose negative thoughts; you will attract negativity. The universe is listening, guiding and supporting always. So even if you find that you dip out of your connection for a while, slip on the meditation, the conscious interaction. That’s okay, there is no judgement, no fear, you are always welcome, welcome back and available to reconnect. So there it is, our intro to spirituality! We hope you have loved learning about all things Spiritual and the Universe alongside us, remember, never be afraid to try something new – if you never try, you will never know! It is also spirituality month for the entire month of August over on @thespiritualmamas Instagram so please come, check us out, ask us questions! We love to hear from you and follow your journeys! All our love

The Spiritual Mamas x

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