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Journal Prompts

We are big advocates for journaling and we are not the only one, for centuries, many people around the world have turned to journals to not only help get their feelings, fears, thoughts, stories, memories, traumas and experiences out but they actually view their journals as trusted friends, something that you can be completely be open with and there is no judgement, your safe place. Your journal is there to help you to reflect, to help you get more in touch with your feelings and thoughts, which will lead you to greater peace of mind.

Did you know that in a 2018 study, research showed that writing about positive experiences for just 15 minutes a day three times a week, helped ease anxiety, stress and also boost resilience?

So, now we know why journaling is amazing for our mental health, lets get onto journal prompts, shall we?

Reading this post, you might be thinking why is it important to write journal prompts? Is it even necessary? For me yes, and let me tell you why.

I personally find that having journal prompts is much easier to face and answer than just looking at a blank page. A prompt gives you a head start, a push that gets you going and help get the words flowing onto the page. Sometimes facing a blank page with no idea how to even start or what to write can be really difficult and sometimes even scary, this is why I find a prompt an effective way to begin your journal experience.

I also find that prompts, can teach you more about yourself and who you are at your core, it reveals what you do each day, how you approach challenging circumstances and how you can deal with problems you previously haven't handled very well, for example, writing about issues in a relationship can give you more clarity on your emotional needs and how to make sure they are met. As you start your journaling exercises, try to remember that self-compassion starts with not putting yourself down, it's about learning who you really are.

I have put together some categorised journal prompts to help you on your journaling journey, These are focused on love and relationships, your emotions, anxiety, work, self reflection and gratitude.

Love & Relationships

  • What qualities does your partner bring out in you?

  • What’s working and isn’t working right now in your relationship? What needs to be addressed?

  • What are dealbreakers or non-negotiables for when you’re dating someone new?

  • What didn’t work in your past relationships?

  • What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned from your relationship or your past relationships?

  • Are you looking for commitment? Why or why not?

  • What difficult emotions have come up while dating your partner or in past relationships?

  • what does love mean for you?

  • What does intimacy mean to you?

Emotional Health & Wellness

  • Which emotion(s) am I trying to avoid right now?

  • Why am I trying to hide from this emotion?

  • What would it take for me to be kinder to myself in this moment?

  • What criticism are you most sensitive to? Why do you think that is?

  • What makes you feel safe?

  • What emotions do you feel the most shame around? What is their root?

  • Is it easy or hard for you to trust people? Explore this.

  • What do you need to let go of?

  • Name 5 good things that has happened to you this past month?

  • write out your life story.


  • What was the most difficult experience you had before, and how were you able to overcome it?

  • List three things that scare you the most, and the reasons why.

  • Recall three positive things that happened to you today and write them down. Be as detailed as possible.

  • How are you feeling right now? Describe how you feel in writing.

  • List down all of the things that you’re worried about right now. Make the list as long as possible.

  • Write a letter to someone who has really supported you.

  • What are the three things you’d love to be doing for the rest of your life?

  • What are five moments in your life when you can say you were truly happy?

  • Write yourself a love letter.


  • What is the one thing I need to accomplish today

  • What would make today great at work?

  • What's on your mind?

  • How are you feeling right now?

  • Was today successful at work? Why or why not?

  • What is one area you could improve at work tomorrow?

  • What is one thing that would make you smile today?

  • What does a “perfect workday” look like?

  • Name two things you’re thankful for at your job.

Self Reflection

  • What makes you feel powerful?

  • What makes you feel calm?

  • What makes you feel in control?

  • What's a choice you can make this week based on your needs?

  • How do you recharge?

  • What can you do today that you didn’t think you could do a year ago?

  • What's a goal you want to accomplish and why?

  • How do you practice self-acceptance?

  • How do you put yourself first without feeling guilty?

  • How do you set boundaries and avoid absorbing someone else's emotions and stress?


  • What’s a simple pleasure that you’re grateful for?

  • What’s something that you’re looking forward to?

  • Write about a happy memory.

  • What’s something about your body or health that you’re grateful for?

  • What’s an accomplishment you’re proud of?

  • What’s a possession that makes your life easier?

  • What have you been given that you’re grateful for?

  • Write about a friend / partner / family member that you’re grateful for.

  • What did you accomplish today?

  • Write about 3 things you’re grateful for today.

We really hope this was helpful, like we said journaling is an amazing tool to help evoke mindfulness and helps you remain present while keeping perspective. So get journaling! If there is any more journal prompts you would like us to cover, please don't hesitate to contact us, which you can do here or on our Instagram @Thespiritualmamas

Love & Light

The Spiritual Mamas

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