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What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a type of mind–body intervention in which hypnosis is used to create a state of focused attention and increased suggestibility in the treatment of a medical or psychological disorder or concern.

I had heard and known about it for years, but it really wasn’t until I begun delving deeper into the sub conscious mind that I fully understood it was a lot less about the clicking your fingers and having control of someone’s mind to make them believe something wild and crazy to prove it had worked, and more about helping re-wire the brain, transforming thought patterns, supporting visualisations of the future, coping mechanisms and aiding breakthroughs.

After my recent miscarriage and TTC journey, which wasn't happening in the timeframe I thought it would. (Which sounds so obvious when you say it out loud) I was being told all around me, by my partner and my friends that I confided in that I was putting too much pressure on myself. But in my mind, the more I did the more I could increase my chances right? If I did nothing, surely I would create nothing? I was hearing them, but the message wasn’t landing. I wanted to relax and let go of the control but I couldn’t force myself to stop thinking about it, the thoughts invaded my mind and letting go felt like giving up. I was scared and didn’t know what to do, to the point where I realised, my life was on hold waiting for something to happen, that just wasn’t.

I knew I needed to think differently, and I was, in my own view, good at teaching myself how to re-wire my programming, using affirmations, meditations, visualisations etc. to manifest what I desired, be optimistic and positive. The difference was, doing all of the above was right. But I hadn't fully healed from the trauma yet, I was trying to plug a gap. Write over what happened with trying again.

I realised I had no idea how to change my programming to “let go.” How to not "need" something anymore, to not crave and to let go, but without giving up. So that what I desired would flow to me naturally, instead of me trying to suffocate and pressure it into existence, trying everything and anything out of a place of fear that it already wasn’t happening fast enough.

Fear and a lack mentality are the biggest blockers to manifesting.

So I booked two consultations, I paid for the 30 minute one and got the hour one for free, but I wanted to experience a few different Hypnotherapy approaches to understand which one I felt could help me the most. What I will start by saying, is that I had breakthroughs, just from these consultation calls. These strangers, but professionals, were not afraid to ask me the questions I found difficult to answer and not afraid to be direct in picking apart my responses to uncover the complications with my default responses.

“What would it mean to you, to have this?” he asked. “everything.” I responded.

Not realising quite how powerful that word “everything” meant. I was in fight or flight, survival mode, putting every part of my existence into needing this thing, like the air I need to breathe.

I was coming from a place of lack, of need, of desperation, of sacrificing myself in the process. I was allowing the desire to consume my life.

So after considering the approaches, consultations and packages I made my decision to move forward with one of the specific therapists, who specialised in what I needed and also combined her sessions with a mixture of talking therapy and then followed up with Hypnotherapy. So every week/fortnight we checked in how I was feeling, how I was doing and what I wanted from the sessions to be sure that what we focused and worked on during the Hypnotherapy was still applicable and gave me the most benefit.

After the first session, I went downstairs and my partner eagerly asked me how it went. I explained, that I needed some time to process and unpack. And that for the most part, I didn’t remember. I was in such a deep state of relaxation for the second half of the session, I remember parts of the visualisation, the elements that I was asked to contribute too. She had tapped into the part of my mind (the unconscious) and spoken to that, that my conscious mind wasn’t invited to the party. We bypassed it completely.

Being able to talk to her for the first part of the session was always nice, to build a rapport and feel comfortable. She understood how I felt more than most, because I wasn’t afraid to tell her, or worry about what she thought, I knew she was there to help me, not just to tolerate me, or ask because she felt she had too, or because she wanted to help and support but didn’t know how. She did know how. So I gave her everything. it was liberating.

Even after the first consultation, my perspective shifted, and continued to shift. As I write this I am only three sessions in and each day and week that passes I find myself letting go more and more, finding the fun and laughter in the areas I was putting on hold. Focusing on the other amazing areas of life. Each phase of my menstrual cycle becomes easier to manage as I trust the timing of my life and my healing more. I am getting better and better at being able to celebrate a healthy cycle and know that by focusing on project me, project baby will come when it is meant to.

Overall, the Hypnotherapy experience so far has lifted me, given me massive shifts in perspective, release the pressure and think differently. The results are gradual but when I look back the impact is huge. I am excited to plan things again, plan things that my normal self would do, without constantly thinking, I cant do that, just incase and hold myself back from living. I feel liberated from the shackles of preparing my body for something it didn’t need to just yet. I gave myself permission to have fun again and appreciate all I had around me, including my son. For he, is everything, he is the air I breathe and he is the greatest source of fun and joy I could ask for and is right infront of me. Its time to be present in the everyday again and not be afraid to smile and enjoy the things I once wished for that are now in my reality, whilst we patiently wait for all of the other amazing things destined to grace and enhance our already incredible lives.

Love & Light

The Spiritual Mamas x

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