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☾ How’s Your Throat Chakra

Today I will be covering The Throat Chakra but before I do, I just want to quickly tell you why it is so important to cleanse and balance your chakra. If you have already read my other chakra blog posts, you can skip this bit.

If a chakra is imbalanced it can shrink in size and the other chakras will expand more than they need to, to help make up the shortfall of energies.

This misalignment of the chakra energy can create damage in the flow or energies and can also manifest a whole lot of spiritual and physical problems for you. This is why it is so important to keep all chakras balanced, cleansed and free of negative influences.

The major chakras are energy centres which are located along the spine, there are seven main chakras and they run from the base of the spine (The Root Chakra) to the top of the head (The Crown Chakra). These energy centres are responsible for the balance in your physical and emotional self. The energies of our chakras can also affect how different events happen in our reality, by unlocking the power of the chakras, you can improve your life immensely.

So, now I’ve covered the basics, let’s move on to The Throat Chakra!

The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is located at the centre of the neck where the thyroid gland is.

It acts as your force of expression and individual truth, both internally and externally. A balanced throat chakra helps to set us free from the fear of judgement or need for approval from other people.

This chakra helps us to embrace our originality and unique individual experiences in this world. It is also associated with purity, thus connecting it to the concept of truth.

The throat chakra is responsible for communication, the expression of your thoughts, ideas, and your feelings and striking a balance between speaking and listening, as well as the seeking and sharing of your truth, your social skills, and your personal integrity and honour. It also works closely with the sacral chakra: while the sacral chakra governs creativity, it is the throat chakra that allows you to express those creative ideas, rather than stifling them for fear of others’ opinions.

The throat chakra has a masculine energy and is symbolized by a 16-petaled flower and is vibrant peacock blue. Essentially, it is associated with sound, and its mantra is, “I speak.”

In Sanskrit, this chakra is ‘Vishudha’.

When the Throat Chakra is imbalanced, you will have a difficult time communicating with others. A blockage of self-expression prevails along with a lack of confidence communicating with others.

You will have an extremely shy or secretive personality. A person with an imbalanced or obstructed throat chakra may also have headaches, oral health issues, and/or a sore throat that just won’t go away.

When in balance, you will be better at communicating and expressing yourself. There is confidence in your interactions, with a fully active throat chakra you will be unafraid of speaking and seeking your truth.

How to balance The Throat Chakra

Yoga poses are great for awakening the throat chakra, poses that can help are cobra pose, bow pose, fish pose, camel pose and child’s pose.

I know, I know, I always go on about meditation but honestly, meditation is amazing for awakening your throat chakra, so get meditating!

Wear Blue! Either wear blue jewellery, or have blue around your house, incorporating blue around you will help to awaken the throat chakra. Another great way is breathing, breathing practices can help you tap into vital energy. You can try a technique called Lion’s Breath. This technique is believed to lower your stress and stimulate your chest and throat regions.

Here’s how you can do it:

Inhale through the nose.

Open both your eyes and mouth nice and wide at the same time.

Now stick your tongue out and “roar” (yes, roar) your breath out (make it audible, really go for it!)

The mantra for the throat chakra is ‘Ham’.

Stretches that open the area around your neck will help balance your throat chakra.

Doing simple neck stretches will help to prevent the build-up of stress and tension in your throat or neck area. Also one last thing, Reiki is great for helping you balance and awaken your throat chakra, so if you’ve ever wanted to try reiki then give it a go!

Affirmations for The Throat Chakra

Affirmations are great for everything, especially balancing your chakras, here are a few to balance your Throat Chakra.

  1. I am an honest person

  2. I can convey my feelings

  3. My ideas matter

  4. My opinion matters

  5. I can listen and honour the opinion of others

  6. I do no harm with my words

  7. I let my voice be heard

  8. I express my creativity with ease and joy

Crystals for the Throat Chakra

Crystals that will help awaken, activate and balance The Throat Chakra are:

  1. Sapphire

  2. Azurite

  3. Aquamarine

  4. Celestite

  5. Sodalite

  6. Turquoise

Foods for the Throat Chakra

Think of foods that are a beautiful blue-purple colour! Some foods that are amazing for the Throat Chakra are, Blueberries, figs, blue corn, coconut water and tea made with butterfly pea flower.

So that’s all for today, thank you again for reading and we look forward to bringing you a new post tomorrow all about The Third Eye Chakra! See you then!

Love and Light

The Spiritual Mamas x

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