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Can you believe we haven’t covered off gratitude in one of our blog posts yet? I know, I am shocked too. It is such a core foundation of all things spirituality, law of attraction, manifestation, mindfulness and general overall mental and spiritual wellness.

To have gratitude, is to be on your pathway to finding peace and a deep rooted sense of

contentment. It also never difficult to find something to be grateful for, it is all around us.

So what is gratitude? Gratitude is a sense of appreciation, a thankfulness for a thing, person, feeling and so on. You can feel grateful, appreciative, lucky even for many things.

Why do we practise gratitude?

Gratitude gives us a sense of perspective, it can bring us back down to earth in an ever evolving, growing world full of material things, comparison, and social media highlights. It makes us have a sense of appreciation for what we already have, have experienced and who we have in our lives. It provides a sense of contentment and fulfilment in our very present lives. When we find ourselves getting caught up in trends, comparisons, influences and expectations, it reminds us that we are already, so blessed.

In this time of our lives it is easy to take so many things for granted, to forget what we have already because it has become normal, expected, basic even.

But when we genuinely sit and take the time to take stock of what we have, how much we achieved, what we have learnt, how much we have overcome, experienced, it is astonishing and it fills us with such a sense of love, peace, joy and contentment. That all of a sudden, the outer elements we were previously striving for, become slightly trivial.

It shines a perspective on things that we might not have seen before, and that actually, we have so much in our lives already making us happy, so much of which, at a different point in time, we were once wishing for. And its already here.

Gratitude is also a massive player in the Law of Attraction and Manifestation, when trying to attract new things into your life, if we are not demonstrating a level of gratitude for what we already have, the universe recognises this, our energy is off. We are striving for more, for the wrong reasons, without having a sense of appreciation and love for what we already have. So why would we be granted more things that we can take for granted, ignore and get bored of?

Its like someone finding you lost in the woods, rescuing you, and not even saying thank you? Well they needn’t have bothered. You do not appreciate the good, how can more good come to you?

How to practise gratitude?

Its really quite simple.

You can practise it wherever you are, at any time of the day. But we really suggest getting into a good routine with it, so you can really notice the benefits of practising it often in your life.

Personally I like to start or end my day with gratitude and love to write it in a journal, but this can also be done on your phone notes, wherever works for you.




Pick three things you are grateful for in your life as a whole, or even just from your day. This can be anything from having fresh air, running clean water and a roof over your head.

Or it can spending time with your friends, a loved one, a sibling or a child. You choose.

The key then is to spend at least 10 seconds, feeling the feelings of love, appreciation and gratitude, in your heart for that item, person etc.

Its easy to sit there and a reel off a list of things you are lucky to have, but unless you feel that sincere emotion in your body, it doesn’t quite have the same effect.

Over time as you practise this more and more, you will realise how full your life is, how lucky and blessed you truly are, to have so much and more. To experience the things you have, to wake up every day and see the sun, see the smile on your family’s faces, to have good health.

It’s a truly simple but yet incredibly powerful concept to implement into your daily life and see

magnificent benefits.

For, without gratitude, it is easy to slip into negative habits, complaints, even over trivial things. It makes you realise how magnificent life can be, even in the ordinary every day.

All our love.

The Spiritual Mamas xxx.

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