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Full Moon - Buck Moon July 3rd 23

Welcome Back! For our next Full Moon of the 2023 series! Last month in June we had the Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius!

Now its time for the incredible Buck Moon in July in the Zodiac Capricorn! We are over halfway through another incredible year of lovely, growth and learning. Not only that but we are in the peak of the summer months here in the UK and we are loving it! More and more opportunities to absorb all of the Vitamin D, Serotonin and get out and about in nature,

grounding ourselves, connecting with the earth and our communities. Its also a great time of the year to check in with how you’re feeling, any goals you had set for the year or the month, do you need a re-evaluation, or some inspired action? Make space to check in with your heart.

So it is time for July’s Buck Moon! Are you ready? Bring on 3rd July 2023!

Buck Moon – July’s Full Moon is also known as the "Buck Moon" because the antlers of male deer (bucks) are in full-growth mode. They shed and regrow their antlers each year, producing a larger and more impressive set each year.

What Does the Buck Moon Mean For Zodiac Signs?

While all full moons are stunning — and tend to be a powerful time in astrology — the one filling up the night sky on July 3rd happens to be extra unique, and it’s going to affect each zodiac sign differently. This full moon will be in Capricorn, and it’s also a Supermoon, astrologer Kyle Thomas says the lunar display energetically means "this Earth sign’s energy will be infused into our lives" as it is "one of the best full moons energetically in 2023. This will cause us to need to balance our thoughts and emotions as we may fluctuate from being deep in our feelings one moment, but then overly analytical the next."

Above all, "look to build your life and legacy, the harder you work or the more you invest, the more you should be handsomely rewarded."

It is now time to break it down for how this will impact our individual Zodiacs!

Capricorn: Capricorns, you're gonna want to listen up! July's full moon is "most important lunation of the year." Why? "You’re likely to see the culmination of a dearly held personal goal, hope, aspiration or dream now presented to you on a silver platter." He also notes that this lunation could "put a spotlight on where you stand in your power." Not only that but

"in a significant relationship" as well. It sounds like the power is in your hands, Capricorns!

Aquarius: It's time to rest and recharge, Aquarius, because we predict July's moon will be "especially intense for you," potentially making you feel "bit burnt out." In order to combat those feelings, face them head on. "If a secret or situation from your past pops up, face it. Listen to your intuition now."

Pisces: Life is giving you a reason to celebrate, Pisces! Julys full moon will likely have you circulating among many friends and acquaintances, whether that be at a "dazzling party or mixer." Therefore, "get ready to meet new people and expand your network. A pal could even step in now to help you reach a lifelong aspiration.”

Aries: Get ambitious, Aries! It is predicted that a "professional breakthrough" is soon to "appear before you." This could come in several forms, like & "a promotion, lucrative job offer, new client or even an award. Use this energy to stand in your power and show the world what makes you memorable."

Taurus: New opportunities are on the horizon, Taurus, you may have to "leave your comfort zone behind" in order to achieve them. Personal or professional shifts could come your way, like "a culmination to a long-distance traveling plan, overseas relationship or international business endeavour." Or perhaps, "a sudden decision to relocate or immigrate" could

be a possibility. Academically, the moon could provide you the "impetus to see progress" — and if you work in media or publishing industries, "you could see a breakthrough now."

Gemini: Get ready to discuss partnerships, Gemini. On one hand, you may feel the urge to merge — but on the other, you might feel the exact opposite. When it comes to relationships, you may have to take time to hash conflicts out "if things are a bit rocky with you and a significant other." But if that doesn't work and "neither of you are happy," he suggests that

"you may separate and go your own ways. This moon could also cause a shift around big financial matters, especially in regards to investments, assets, bonuses, royalty checks, venture capital or even a scholarship."

Cancer: Cancer, the moon is asking you to look into your relationships and partnerships. This could be a time of union for you and another party with the potential of long-term promises — like perhaps, a sudden engagement or decision to move. However, "if you’re on rocky territory, you could decide it’s time to scuttle on your way."

Leo: Take some time for some relaxation, Leo, because this moon is going to keep you busy! Whether it be "putting the finishing touches on a major project for your employer" or & "making a transition from one job to the next," it's important to implement a "work-life balance" because happiness is key! Also prioritize your well-being as a particular health matter could pop up. Therefore, intertwine "fitness or a new diet into your repertoire."

Virgo: Love is in the air, Virgo! "As the moon sings out to you, you could feel that pleasure, passion, romance and fun are a top priority. For singles, this lunation is an important one for you to put yourselves out there. "They could find someone quite special, perhaps even a soulmate. If you’ve been casually dating, you may even sense that you’re falling truly in love.”

If you're already in a committed relationship, he predicts July's full moon "could help you to reignite your spark, spend time with your kids or even bring news of a pregnancy."

Libra: Your domestic life could see some change, Libra! "This could bring a decision to move, renovate or relocate altogether, a roommate switch-up is also possible. If something pops up in regards to your family or parents, be sure to swoop in and handle it as soon as you can."

Scorpio: Your mind is about to be on the move, Scorpio! July's moon could have you focused on "an important writing, speaking or communications-related endeavour." A meaningful contract could now appear across your desk." Unrelated, "Short-distance travel could also appeal to you now," he concludes.

Sagittarius: For those who are Sagittarius, "financial shifts are likely to appear now. As this lunation highlights your money, you could be assessing your income and expenses significantly. If a major expense pops up, do some budgeting to figure out how to handle it." In contrast, this full moon could "just as easily bring a raise, new client or even job offer out of thin air!"

A Supermoon is the perfect time and a really powerful time, to sit and reflect on the last few months, but most importantly, looking forward. Reflection is crucial for growth, perception and clarity. But we are also always moving forward, so use these prompts to help you feel gratitude for where you have been, but also to motivate you for what intentions you want to set for the rest of the year.

What lessons have I learnt this year so far?

How have I connected to my inner wisdom?

What moments have filled me with joy?

As you know we always recommend grabbing hold of your pen and paper and journalling your thoughts down, let the pen flow and see what inspiration, thoughts and feelings come to you.

For a Full Moon, surround your soul in Tourmaline. Pink Tourmaline brings out the lighter side of your personality, stimulating summer love and exciting expeditions.

Another great option is the mighty Moonstone! This is the number one moon crystal. It is the staple crystal for all your lunar practices. Moonstone aligns strongest with the Full Moon. Its bright and luminous qualities show you the way ahead.

Moonstone holds the power of a million moons and delivers it to the palm of your hands.

To use them in your rituals, keep them in the palm of your hands or close to your heart as you connect to your time of reflection. Of course, the vibrant energy of the full moon is also the best time to give your crystals a recharge and cleanse.

So, don’t forget to leave them out during the night.

Follow us on Instagram and we would love you to share your rituals with us!


Follow us on Instagram and we would love you to share your Full Moon experiences with us!

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