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Becoming a Spiritual Mama

Welcome back! Today we are talking through and digging deep into being on a Spiritual Journey, alongside being a mama and how the two, truly, go hand in hand.

My Spiritual Journey came in the form of a massive breakthrough in September 2020 and even more so, around a year later. However, I became a mum in 2019, 9 months before the UK went into Lockdown for the first time as a result of the coronavirus.

Going through such a challenging time took a real toll on my mental health as I juggled full time work, raising a new born and adapting to a global pandemic.

I want to take you through a few of the biggest key moments, breakthroughs and realisations I had and which ultimately became massive positives in motherhood, as a result of going on my spiritual journey.

1. I realised I wasn’t alone. The universe is always existing and present, whether we choose to tap into it or not. So by realising this, I felt like I had gained a new friend and ally, one that I could talk to whenever I wanted, ask for guidance, support, strength and advice. I had immediate trust and faith that the universe was here to help me and the more aligned I became, the more obvious that the signs of this were all around me.

2. Everything is energy. As hard as it can be to stay positive all of the time, you don’t need to. You just need to become more aware of your energy, so your thoughts and feelings and essentially the place within your heart that you are projecting from. Is it love? Fear? Joy? Anger? Frustration? You can feel low emotions, but still come from a place of love. The energy you put out into the universe, is simply, what you attract back into your life. So if

you exist from a place of fear constantly, this will only manifest more into your life. So I learnt to pay attention to what was going well, what was good, so I could raise my vibration to a place of love and gratitude.

3. Patience is key. You cannot rush what is meant for you. You will receive it in divine timing. What does this mean? When the universe has planned it, the right time, when it is meant to. I became so much more patient with my progress, and in turn, my son. Because I was focusing on all of the positives of my life, I was generally happier and less frustrated, I stopped taking my emotions out on those around me, and trusted that we would get where we wanted and needed to, all in the right time. I was learning, and I was on this journey for a reason, he would teach me. If we get frustrated because something isn’t happening fast enough, we only block ourselves off, because we are not an energetic match for that great thing.

4. Gratitude is worth its weight in gold. To feel gratitude, is a big high five with the universe that you are appreciative for what it has blessed you with already and therefore, telling the universe you are ready to accept more. I was so so blessed and lucky to have my family, a garden, my job, my health and more in those scary times, that I couldn’t see all of that before. & When I did, I held my baby tighter, spent more time with him,

realised the preciousness of all that extra time with him.

5. When the sh** hits the fan. When things go wrong now, whether it’s a phase my son is going through that’s particularly testing, or one of us is hurt, or anything that tests us, my reactions are completely different. I am no longer a reactive panic stricken mama, but I know to breathe, trust that it will be okay, assess whats going on and the options and process it as necessary. As soon as we get stressed or worry we spike our cortisol hormones that

spread the stress through our brain and bodies and struggle to regulate our emotions, responses and it honestly helps no one. I became pragmatic and that helped when my son would watch me for reactions to certain things.

Like dropping a phone in the bath, breathe mama. When he fell off his bike, breathe mama. The universe has got you, have trust, it will all be okay.

These are just a few examples of how my spiritual journey has changed me as a person, and yet improved my approach and mindset being a mama. I overall, have so much of a better relationship with my son, my partner and am generally a calmer more, grateful and positive soul.

I wanted to become healthier, mentally, physically and emotionally for my son, and this has given me the faith, motivation and belief in myself to do so. Showing my son the behaviours that I want him to see and look up to and adopt for himself, instead of the broken mama I was going into lockdown.

We teach our babies yoga, deep breathing and even meditation, helping them learn at a young age how to calm their minds, process their emotions and less reactive. Even though they’re young, we can see the benefits already and this will become part of their habits and routine as they grow.

So, overall, there are incredible benefits, as a parent, when you go down the spiritual path for you personally, for your babies and all of the relationships around you.

For any questions or queries, please feel free to contact us on or @thespiritualmamas

on Instagram!

All our love,

The Spiritual Mamas. x

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