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☾ Angel Numbers

Hi! I’m so excited to be writing about angel numbers today and bringing you all of the spiritual clarity and tools to help you acknowledge and see the signs the universe is sending you! I have so many messages about angel numbers, interpreting them, what to do for each ones and what they all mean! So buckle up, it’s time to get the 411!

What are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are numbers that are placed in your path in order to provide you with universal guidance throughout your life, assuring you that you’re on the right path or a divine message to support you through unclear or troubled times. They often appear in moments of doubt, or when you are unsure on what decisions to make, or whether you’re doing the right thing in your life or even as to what will happen next, and what choices you should make.

While the ancient history of angel numbers may not necessarily be certain, it is believed that they are linked to Pythagoras in the sixth century.

How do Angel Numbers show?

These numbers can appear in all types of places and again some very much unique to you. For me personally, I see it on my digital clock on my laptop, on the step count on my watch, number plates on cars and even random things like graffiti on the walls but most commonly, I will pick my phone up and see 22:22 or 11:11. Today as I write this 777 has shown up three times already by 1pm, twice on my watch twice and on a car number plate.

What do I do when I see an Angel Number?

This varies depending on where you are in your life. Some will just acknowledge the number and consider its meaning in their life. For example, 111 for me is a regular confirmation I am on the right path, to continue trusting my gut on what I am doing, to continue to focus on it and manifest it into existence. Some times, I will take this to the next level and do a manifestation meditation to really focus on what I am trying to attract knowing the universe is supporting me.

If I am at a more unclear place, and need some guidance, these numbers that I see help me with this. In which case I may journal my thoughts and feelings, considering the numbers I have seen as guidance to solve my problem or gain assurance on what was unclear.

At the same time, these numbers can be a prompt that something is coming, new beginnings or the end of a cycle etc. And so I am more aware to look out for this in my life and it gives me peace that I can expect these things. As many don’t like the unknown and take these numbers and signs as that reassurance.

So what do they mean?

Okay, here is our Spiritual Mama breakdown of each of the most common number sequences you will see.


  1. New Beginnings are on the horizon.

  2. Trust your gut

  3. Listen to your heart and what you WANT.

  4. Move forward with intention

  5. Focus! It is coming.


  1. Your life is in balance

  2. Everything is working out as planned

  3. You are aligned

  4. Trust that you are on the right path


  1. It is time to Shine

  2. Be grateful for where you are

  3. Be aware of the blessings in your life

  4. Believe and trust in your intuition


  1. Reminder – You are always supported

  2. You are being guided through all you are focusing on

  3. Your hard work will manifest itself

  4. The universe has got your back, don’t worry.


  1. Big changes on the horizon

  2. Don’t be afraid, change is good

  3. Keep your eyes open to opportunities

  4. Trust this transition, get excited.


  1. Be conscious of your thoughts

  2. Remove any negative thoughts from your mind

  3. Let go of any worries

  4. Refocus on to what you want to attract


  1. You’re on the right path

  2. Trust your journey and keep doing what you’re doing.

  3. Take some time to meditate

  4. Connect with the universe

  5. Be clear on what you are trying to manifest


  1. Abundance, it is coming your way!

  2. It is time to uplift yourself and others

  3. Share your positive energy!

  4. You have grown so much, celebrate that.


  1. A cycle in your life is coming to an end.

  2. Let go of what is no longer serving you.

  3. Endings also mean new beginnings

  4. Endings symbolise growth and moving on to better things!

In Summary:

Like many things universe related, these numbers and signs will be here whether you choose to acknowledge them in your life or not. But I know if you’ve made it this far in the blog, you eyes won’t help but notice the signs in your life moving forward.

As we always the say, the universe has your back, so enhance your life by bringing angel numbers in and give yourself the universal guidance you deserve.

We will also be posting tips and useful nuggets of info on our Instagram about angel numbers so make sure you follow us for more great information @thespiritualmamas .

Love and Light

☾ The Spiritual Mamas

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