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☾ All About Paige!

Hi, I’m Paige! Just your normal mama to a gorgeous nearly 3 year old boy, working full time whilst pursuing my passion part time! I love all things spirituality, meditation, creative writing, adventure and I am currently training for my second Triathlon! However, about a year ago, I lost my who I was, my identity and like many others in the midst of motherhood and the pandemic, had to go on a new journey of growth and self discovery. “Where identity meets motherhood and a beautiful journey begins of becoming a mother, whilst growing and flourishing in your true authentic self”. In September 2020, amidst the UK’s second lockdown, I caught site of myself in the mirror and thought “I don’t even recognise this person” I had grown so comfortable not taking care of myself, from my hair to my mental health. The days had begun to merge into one long dreary stint of trying to remember what rules I had to follow, working from my bedroom and raising a baby for the first time. Everyone across the country was suffering and we were confined to our houses for our own safety, but this meant relinquishing so much that kept us sane, to keep ourselves safe. I missed so much on the outside and unintentionally began losing even more on the inside. So since that day I knew I had to sort my shit out. I knew that my mental health was declining and I had this internal fear of placing behaviours of mine that came out at my worst, on my son. Regardless of how true that is, I was scared and so I began to focus on pulling myself out of that place and what I could do to be the best version of myself, for myself and my family, in this scary time we lived in.

The heavy realisation was that my identity was gone, or so it felt. I was just mum-employee-mum. I felt like nothing else. I was a blank canvas ready to be dashed and danced with colour. I loved my son endlessly but I needed to learn to love myself. And then I met the universe…. Growing up in a religious family, I didn’t believe in God but I wanted to. I felt like there was a higher presence but couldn’t fully get behind it. Until I learnt about the universal laws, manifestation and mixed with my determination for personal growth and discovery, became whole heartedly connected with my spirit guides, vibrations, crystals, lunar cycles you name in. This process of aligning myself, fuelled my growth in my identity and from that moment I never felt alone, I was always being listened to and guided. So, after 16 months of navigating that tough time, I had hit my wall, and broke through the other side. I knew it was something only I could figure out, and I had more resources, we all do, than we realise. I am here 28 months later stronger than ever, but my journey isn’t finished. I sure as hell know that I am not alone in feeling like this and I want to help others know that they’re not alone. The support that spirituality and aligning with the universe, energy and understand the word around me has provided has changed my life in the most positive way. It has connected with some of the most incredible people in my life. Yes, being a parent is hard, but losing who you are in the process is even harder. You don’t have to lose yourself in the process of becoming a parent. It is a beautiful addition that should enrich your life and help you to continue evolving into your most authentic beautiful self. To be a parent is magical, combine that with your inner true self, like minded people and there is nothing more freeing than finding that perfect balance. I can hand on heart say that my journey of discovering who “mum” is, inline with my spiritual journey, has improved every single area of my life. And I cant wait to continue sharing this journey with my partner in crime and all of you. To help you see, that the universe is supporting you too, always.

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