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Our Mission

Our Story & Our Mission

We met through Instagram, both with children around the same age, we quickly bonded over parenting and spirituality. Both on the beginning of our spiritual journeys, we supported and uplifted each other to heal and flourish. We both started courses as we both had the need to help others like the way we helped each other – through love, compassion, understanding and growth.

First it started with daily affirmations and gratitude that we would share with our followers, this later moved on to teaching others the benefits of self-love, breathing work, moon rituals, crystals, meditation and truly being happy in the present moment, even when times were difficult.

Naturally, we wanted to branch out and impact more women and help them with their spiritual journey’s and that’s how The Spiritual Mamas began…

The Spiritual Mamas is all of you, all of us, every person who is starting their spiritual journey or already fully in it, who want to learn and keep growing. Every person who wants to be happy with who they are, to manifest the life they have always dreamed of, to appreciate every miraculous moment we have and to know that we are more than enough as we are right now!

There is a reason why you stumbled on this webpage, so we are here to tell you that you have everything you need already to achieve your fullest potential; you’ve just forgotten, and we are here to remind you how truly amazing you are in easy, simple steps (let’s not over complicate things, shall we?)

The Spiritual Mamas is home, its love, its understanding that we are all learning, and we are all working through some sort of trauma and that’s okay and that’s when we come in to help you, to teach you and to support you. Our goal with The Spiritual Mamas is to show everyone how to love themselves and to have all that they dream of. In the words of Audrey Hepburn “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible!”

So, are you ready to start your journey?

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